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Nobody Loves Pizza more than The Ninja Turtles 1 year ago

Pizza Lovers:

In this day and age pizza has been no doubt the most iconic fast food enjoyed across the globe. From east to west from restaurants to franchises, from humans to cartoons, there are numerous pizza lovers. I remember having my first slice, green peppers, cheese, jalapenos and of course extra cheese. That succulent taste to a pita on top with so many topics was something I had never imagined to taste this good. That was the day I decided to make Pizza the first choice when it comes to fast food, its cheap light and delicious how can anyone resist such a delicacy. Saturday mornings were the best as my childish routine would kick in, cartoon network from 10 am to 10 pm and Pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner. Back to back kick-ass action of toons and back to back kicking flavors throughout the day.

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How I miss those days, as much as I want to try and bring back those days I shall cherish them and look forward to my kids having that type of weekends now.

The Costume Party:

The best memory I had was a weekend’s birthday party I went to and our theme was the Ninja Turtles, we all had costumes on, looking like bandits carrying pizza slices in our hands. Watching ninja turtles for the entire period of the time we were there. We played no Games, Moved not an inch of a muscle for at least 3 hours resulting in 6 half-hour episodes. While glued to the TV I realized most of us were so lost in that world that we had completely drawn out the world we existed in.

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Felt like the turtles jumping roofs, fighting crime and praying that the delivery guy would arrive late with the pizzas for a free one, imagine that a entire pizza boxes for free now that’s the true meaning of life. It was not long within an episode that we would just wake up and start craving a slice all over again. That was the life.

Ninja Turtles:

Let’s talk a little about the ninja turtles; they were the protectors of New York City. Hidden by day and hunters by night, they would travel across the city through underground passageways in order to get where they wanted to get. The city’s residences would leave pizzas by manholes in order to thank the crime-fighting Ninja’s in their glory. They were the epitome of how the Pizza has become a universal language for all people no matter their cultural differences, or financial situations. Imagine a world where you would be protected by giant turtles in exchange for just pizza. The surprising fact is that they are kind of abnormal as they only have 3 fingers, have a shell that they walk around with and have superhuman abilities, which might be the reason they love eating so much pizza.

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It also could be a reminder of their youth as most kids in any day and age love Pizza, eating a cold pizza is as tasty as a hot one as well. Their fascinating taste for different pizzas has given our world a sense of hope that any ingredient can be added on top as long as it’s a Pizza Dough.

10 Strange Toppings:

This might not be the most appetizing but it sure has a way with us when it comes to the strange toppings the turtles had on their pizzas. We start off with tuna fish, peanut butter and grape jelly, as disgusting as it sounds I would definitely want to try one. The taste might not be amazing but the varieties of color popping in my head sure are visually appealing. Peanut butter and clams, as I hate peanut butter I shall let the peanut butter lovers fascinate about this one. Peanut butter, avocado, and extra pickles, again I shall let you fantasize about this one. The next pizza we have is quite unique as it has a perfect blend of crisp and sweetness. Marshmallow and pepperoni pizza, oh yum. Chocolate chip pizza, now that is something for the kids. This has a potential to become very trending if made well as your combining two of the most loved things in one, Pizza and Chocolate. Pepperoni and hot fudge, a classic hot fudge cheese pepperoni pizza.

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Jellybean and sausage pizza now here is something for the meat lovers, even though the jelly bean might not be as appetizing it might just do wonders for meat lovers like myself. Lastly and most bizarre of them all Popcorn Pizza, popped popcorn topped up on a cheesy pizza. Isn’t that something to think about?